5 Network related things I am looking forward to in 2015

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Below is a list of the 5 network things I am looking forward to in 2015 (in no particular order).

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MTR style traceroute on Juniper

Having used MTR on my mac and on Linux system I was always frustrated with the lack of this option from the Junos CLI.  You have always been able to start a shell and run MTR as below:-

nick@ScoobyDoo> start shell
% mtr

Although it’s super handy, the inconvenience of starting the shell can be a PITA.

I thought i would have to live with this until I found the following:-

nick@ScoobyDoo> traceroute monitor

Who knew!!!!

Attention Network Engineers – Size really does matter!

No.  I wasn’t meaning that!

I have spent the last few days trying to get an ME-3600 to play nicely with an SRX for VPLS.

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Book Review: Juniper MX Series


Now,  I have to admit that I love most Juniper products with the exception of the J-series and have spent a fair amount of time on the Juniper certification trail.

You may think that this leads me to be slightly biased when reviewing a book about a Juniper product but it does not.

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The path to certification

Over the last few years I have made the transition at the company I work for, from Support Engineer to Network Engineer. In between this I became a Managed Services Engineer dealing with the configuration, installation and maintenance of Cisco 1800 series routers.  During this time I decided I would use the knowledge gained in my day job to go on the certification trail. 4 months later I gained my CCNA accreditation and a thirst to obtain more understanding in networking in general.

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fun with bi-directional forwarding (BFD)

So I was tasked to provide a failover mechanism for a customer with Juniper equipment without using OSPF.

With the L2 providers we use there is always a link from the CPE to the provider equipment and then it breaks out to their backbone.  Now, this means that there could be a break in the provider network and the customer CPE would still see the link as up.  We would then be blindly forwarding traffic into a black hole. Continue reading


Junos ipv6 import filter

I’m going to start off with some example import filters for BGP with IPv6.  Mainly from several best practise docs I have found across the internet. Continue reading