Attention Network Engineers – Size really does matter!

No.  I wasn’t meaning that!

I have spent the last few days trying to get an ME-3600 to play nicely with an SRX for VPLS.

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The path to certification

Over the last few years I have made the transition at the company I work for, from Support Engineer to Network Engineer. In between this I became a Managed Services Engineer dealing with the configuration, installation and maintenance of Cisco 1800 series routers.  During this time I decided I would use the knowledge gained in my day job to go on the certification trail. 4 months later I gained my CCNA accreditation and a thirst to obtain more understanding in networking in general.

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How to recover Cisco IOS from rommon

Thought I would add this to my blog to help anyone that was in the same situation I had back in April.  A big thanks to Richard Morrell ( @richardmorrell ) for this!

If you have a Cisco router which is unable to boot it’s IOS (flash image is corrupted, lost or wrong build), then you can boot the rommon and ask it to TFTP a replacement image across.  It is preferable you have a working flash device in the router to save the flash image to, but you can just boot it straight from TFTP to memory if you’re desparate.  Pre-requesits: Continue reading