Why oh why?

So i have been using Juniper MX routers for some years now (mainly MX80’s) and have configured CoS in reasonably basic forms to suit $dayjob’s needs (mainly 4 queues).

It turns out that even though the MX routers support 8 queues in the basic line cards, by default it starts with 4 :s

Would it not be easier to enable all 8 to start with?


5 thoughts on “Why oh why?

  1. I believe this is mostly for historical reasons; but I’m curious why this rises to a rant level for you? There are only two queues used by default anyway.


  2. I clicked into this from Google+ thinking it was going to be a story about how 4 don’t really do anything or something. Glad that’s not the case ๐Ÿ™‚


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