Junoshere. For the masses?

It is amazing how sleepy you feel when sitting in a relatively dark auditorium after a buffet lunch.

I sat through a presentation on Junosphere which looked fantastic and just what the community has been crying out for so we no longer require to use olive’s that we cannot get support for. Continue reading

How to recover Cisco IOS from rommon

Thought I would add this to my blog to help anyone that was in the same situation I had back in April.  A big thanks to Richard Morrell ( @richardmorrell ) for this!

If you have a Cisco router which is unable to boot it’s IOS (flash image is corrupted, lost or wrong build), then you can boot the rommon and ask it to TFTP a replacement image across.  It is preferable you have a working flash device in the router to save the flash image to, but you can just boot it straight from TFTP to memory if you’re desparate.  Pre-requesits: Continue reading